What is Brain Health Coaching?

Brain Health Coaching can be a vital way of helping people to identify ways to improve their own brain function and identify their brain type. Then the coach can help guide them in living their best life through the use of different types of mental disciplines. A good brain health coach can teach the student applicable neuroscience and brain system functions in order to help improve their understanding of the brain. The coach can also help to identify risk factors that will steal your mind and good brain health, so that the student may learn to avoid them. And finally, the brain health coach will identify brain-healthy supplements that will continue to support brain health and vitality. Kelley Villegas, OTR is a CERTIFIED BRAIN HEALTH PROFESSIONAL through Dr. Daniel Amen’s University and has been coaching her patients for 15 years. The Amen University Certification has solidified her approach to supplement recommendations and supported her with mental disciplines, which have added improved success to her strategies. Click here to take your FREE Brain Health Assessment, or call now to schedule your first session! (407)362-1902.

What is Irlen Syndrome?

Irlen syndrome, otherwise known as scotopic sensitivity syndrome, is a perceptual problem that can affect achievement, learning and performance for struggling readers. Irlen Syndrome is not detected by standard educational, vision, and/or medical tests. The Irlen Method is a patented technique which uses colored overlays and precision tinted filters (worn as glasses), which reduce or eliminate perceptual difficulties and light sensitivity. The correct colored filter blocks out the offending wavelengths of light and allows the brain to accurately receive and process visual information. The Irlen Method has been found to be helpful when dealing the symptoms of concussions, including headaches, light sensitivity, poor academic performance, anxiety, and others. Since 1983, research has shown that the correct color filter improves reading rate, accuracy and comprehension. It has been shown that 46% of individuals with reading problems, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, learning disabilities, and autism suffer from Irlen Syndrome. SPECT SCANS have shown amazing progress with use of Irlen filters (see picture). Click on this link to view a video. An extensive diagnostic assessment is necessary to determine the most benficial filter color from an almost limitless number of color combinations. Kelley Villegas, owner of Focus NeuroRehab, LLC is a certified Irlen Screener, and offers screenings as part of her full neurologic assessment. Click Long Self-Test For Irlen Syndrome for a FREE Irlen self-test. Call today for your initial consultation! (407) 362-1902