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When my son, Patrick, was 3-4 years old, and in pre-school, his teachers started with reports of him sitting upside down in his chair, standing at his table, and simply day dreaming a lot of the time. He was easily frustrated, and felt like his classmates were bothering him all the time. Patrick had straight A's, and here they were telling me something was wrong with him. I pretty much thought they were over-worked teachers, and too busy to attend to his needs. I also thought he was too young to be diagnosed with ADHD. Well, the years went on, and school got harder. Patrick would spend hours doing the same homework, to no avail. I was starting to see the day-dreaming part of him.

Finally, I took him to his pediatrician, and she gave me and the teacher a form to fill-out to decide whether or not he had ADHD. Looking back on this now, knowing what I know about the disorder, that was ludicrous! One cannot diagnose a child with ADHD by asking a bunch of questions that, for the most part, apply to most children that age! The problem was that Patrick was not actually facing ADHD! He had a moderate to severe anxiety disorder that appeared to be ADHD.

Of course, I figured this out on my own through the help of a neuropsychologist who I paid a lot of money to see without the help of our medical insurance! I also figured this out after many years of Patrick suffering the consequences of taking ADHD medications when they were not clinically necessary! Patrick suffered the following: growth stunt (now has to take growth hormone injections nightly until age 18), insomnia (many times resulting in sleepless nights), lack of appetite (would forget to eat, and most of the time didn't want to), moderate paranoia (always felt like people were out to get him), heart palpitations (he came to me saying "Mom, I think I had a heart attack last night").

Now, how many adults do you know who wouldn't have wanted to kill themselves by then!? After the heart palpitation issue, I decided enough is enough! I met a psychologist at a continuing education course, and he introduced me to neurofeedback. I thank God for Hanno Kirk! Through him, I was introdued to I went to that web-site, and after saving a bunch of money, I signed up to train on neurofeedback.

After going to the training course, I found that this is the answer to many of our problems in society today. We live in a competitive, and fast paced world. All the pressures of life are overwhelming at times, and how do we cope? Well even moreso, how do our children cope? I have begun a quest to help people overcome any brain dysfunction that they may be facing! I am sold-out that this treatment can take care of any minor brain dysfunction, and at least improve the function of a severely brain injured individual!

I have seen it work with my self, my family, and many people whom I have treated so far in my practice. I am passionate about helping people and hope that my efforts will prevent some of the pain me and my son have had to go through to get here! Some things happen for a reason. Well, here's my reason...let's get our kids off drugs, heal them from the inside out, and set them on a journey that they will succeed in and enjoy their lives! Are you in?

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